Heliçek was founded in the year 2001 to do aerial photography using r/c helicopters in Turkey mainland. This was a pioneer effort and it encouraged other individuals to follow in the years to come.

We rely on our solid background in photography and r/c modelling and many years of experience in this hi tech business. Heliçek staff includes professional photographers, media specialists, technicians and operators.

A flying-camera can produce almost unlimited freedom for creative filming. It can be operated un tethered and in full control as long as safety considerations are strictly adhered to.

Our services include:

1) Taking photographs and videos of:

  • Scenery, architechture, industrial and construction sites, sports activities over land and sea both ground level and aerial.
  • Paintings, sculptures and art objects of all sizes

2) Producing promotinal videos.

Our first aerial photography (1992 – TEM Highway Kartal building site)